Five Flawless Tanning Hacks for a Gorgeous Glow

A gorgeously even golden glow is always the goal when tanning, and we all have our horror stories from our early days tanning! But over the years we’ve learnt a sneaky hack or two to avoid streaking and get the longest stretch possible out of our tan application. A few sneaky hacks that our younger selves would thank us for! Here’s our top five flawless tanning hacks for a gorgeously golden glow that goes the distance….


Hack #1 Defuzz in Good Time

Few things spoil a bronzed set of pins like a fuzzy haze! Leg waxers tend to have the edge over shavers when it comes to a smooth base without the lumps and bumps that come with shaving. Fear not though, if the ‘in-betweeny’ regrowth stage of waxing just doesn’t sit with you and you’re a shaving kinda girl, then there are a few things that go a long way to helping your tan apply and sit perfectly evenly. The main point here is to shave 12-24 hours before you apply your tan, allowing pores the time to close back up and avoiding tan from otherwise sitting in these open pores, which is what creates that annoying speckled finish. A quick once-over with a pair of exfoliating mitts before shaving, together with a good sharp razor (men’s ones tend to give a closer shave) and either shave foam or conditioner to lather will all make a noticeable difference in achieving those super smooth pins.

Hack #2 The Devil’s in the Detail

Okay so this is one we all know, the biggest tell-tale tan giveaways are feet and hands, followed by elbows and knees. We’ve heard it all be, exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! But particularly with feet this is a couple of minute’s prep that pays off dividends. A pair of exfoliating gloves will set you back all of £1.00 from the like of Primark and Superdrug, paired up with St. Moriz Advanced Pro in firm circular motions will lift dead skin cells and old tan residue, revealing a fresh, smooth base and the perfect canvas for a professional looking even tan. Five minutes well spent!


Hack #3 Oil Free Only

Once you’re all scrubbed up a little hydration, particularly to notoriously dry areas like feet, elbows and knees will stop these areas from absorbing more colour than less naturally dry areas of the body, ensuring a lovely even finish. The secret a lot of people don’t know here is you need an oil-free moisturiser if your tan is to go the distance. An oil based moisturiser will actually encourage your tan to lift, meaning you don’t get as long out of your colour as you
otherwise would. St. Moriz Advanced Pro Moisturising Tan Enhancer is an oil free but moisture rich formula – so just the ticket for pre-tan prep.



Hack #4 Mitt’s Are Your Mate!

Once upon a time plastic gloves or even an old sock was the applicator of choice! More so serving to protect palms from a deeper giveaway pop of colour than the rest of your body. Mitt’s are now the way forward, not only allowing an even application (for best results go with circular motions) but also saving your hands from dreaded staining with a water-resistant barrier that also ensures your palms and hands will remain stain-free. Your mitt can be hand washed in warm water to keep it clean after application, and it’s recommended to replace it ever few months for best results.


Hack #5 Take It Easy

Did we just give you an excuse to skip the gym? I think we did! So more specifically the pool, but in any case sweating it out, chlorine, steam rooms and sauna’s are best avoided until your tan has fully developed. Not got that sort of time on your hands? Fear not, St. Moriz Professional Instant Tanning Mist has you covered in minutes without the commitment.


If you’ve any great tan hacks we missed, be sure to let us know on Instagram @stmoriz and twitter @stmoriz !