Time-Saving Beauty Hacks

Whether you are a student retiring to school or college, or a busy mum trying to rush her children out the door on a weekday morning, you can probably do with some time-saving beauty hacks. We have you covered with everything across makeup, nails, tanning and even hair!

Get longer out of your manicure

No matter if you do your nails at home or get them done for you at the salon, we all know it takes time. There is nothing worse than having your one-day-old polish chip when you are up to your eyeballs with stuff that just needs to get done. One of the best tips we’ve learned from a nail technician is to reapply a good quality topcoat every other day. This will not only keep your mani going strong for longer, it will also keep it really shiny! Less time spent on taking nail polish off and reapplying means more time for other things in your life!

Become a strategic tanner

Getting a perfect tanning routine going is something we can definitely get behind but we also know that exfoliating, applying tan and moisturising is hardly something that can be done on the go. On days when you just need to get the tan on in under 5 minutes products like our Advanced Pro Ultra Finish are your knights in shining armour! With this product, you can apply a beautiful tan only in places where you need it (aka exposed skin) and then just wash it off later! Works perfectly well applied in the back of the taxi on the way from the office to dinner (we’ve tried and tested!)

Bonus hack 1: use a tanning serum at night – it will give you a lovely glow in the morning and you will not need as much makeup as usual.

Bonus hack 2: If you’re really pressed for time, mix your foundation in with your moisturiser and apply the two steps in one go, it’ll shave off valuable minutes in the morning!

Make waves

In an ideal world, you would have time to blow-dry and tong your hair into perfect waves in the morning. If the start to your day resembles a chaotic mess rather than utopia we have a great time- saving hair hack for you! If you need to get from wet hair to presentable in minutes try blasting your hair with a dryer concentrating on the roots until it’s 60% dry, part it and then twist it into two buns (remember to twist away from your face!) and secure with a clip or some bobby pins. By the time you are done with your makeup and getting dressed, your hair will have transformed from a messy mop into pretty waves. For a more lived-in look, give everything a combing through with your fingers and use some texturising hairspray!

What are your favourite time-saving beauty hacks?