So earlier this year I purchased the darker than dark tan in Medicare for £3.50! I’m sure you’ve all seen the reviews online / Facebook of the disastrous results of the tan, leaving girls literally so dark that only their eyes and teeth were visible on camera. Honestly I was so scared to buy this and try it, as like? Who
wants to be green? So obviously tan-a-holic had to buy Into the craze and get it and I have to say – I was not disappointed!

I started off with little to no tan on my legs, just out of the shower, and I applied 2 pumps to my velvet mitt (this was enough for my entire leg) as soon as I started applying I near died, the colour was unbelievable!! A little bit of this product goes a long way – remember it will develop!!

As someone who loves an extremely dark tan (look through my insta and you’ll know) I was actually in love, one layer and it was the exact colour I wanted!! And no sticky residue that you get from layering tan – as it was just one layer?

In the morning the colour had developed darker but still a lovely colour, and when washed off the colour was a more wearable day time colour!

I do have my favourite tans that I always go back to, however, this tan is unreal for going out? Just wing it on and you’re good to go, and for only £3.50 that’s mental? I think it’d be great for a last minute night out!

100% worth a try if you love a dark tan x