Five Skincare Hacks for a Barely There Base

Skin Is In: Five Skincare Hacks for a Barely There Base

If like us, you found yourself prosecco-in-hand, glued to the Royal Wedding and placing bets on ‘The Dress’, the one stand-out beauty take-home we all noticed is that skin is in. In a big way. How beautiful was Meghan’s barely-there base? Complete with her gorgeous fresh-faced freckles peeping through. Just dreamy.

Barely-there skin is in for Summer 2018 (…and beyond, we hope!) but it does require a little hard work to get your skin prepped and primed enough that a barely there veil of base is all you need. Of course, some of us are luckier than others when it comes to the skincare lottery, but that said there are some great little habits you can start now, to get your skin into it’s very best condition, enough to ditch the full coverage base at least for the rest of the summer…

1. Steam it Clean
Do not underestimate the power of a good steam! Warm steam opens up your pores and the heat encourages impurities, bacteria and dirt to sweat right out. It also targets deeper set build-up that is responsible for clogged pores and blackheads – win win! Best kept to a once weekly skincare ritual, you’re likely to see the benefits in your complexion pretty fast.

2. Masking
Masking has become very popular again as of late, and with good reason. Easily targeted to whichever facial condition is specific to your particular skin type, masking is great for tackling oily skin (mud masks in particular), dehydrated dryness and unsightly pores. The newest tailor made skincare of multi-masking is a super method of treating combination skin using different masks on various parts of the face – often with immediate results.

3. Prep
To really maximise the benefits of serums and moisturiser you want application to be on properly prepped skin. Build up of makeup residue, everyday dirt and even dead skin cells (gross we know!) acts as a barrier to skincare products properly penetrating the skin. The best prep is in the form of exfoliating and the best facial exfoliators tend to be chemical ones usually containing the likes of glycolic acid (not as scary as it sounds and very effective!), AHAs, and BHA, and fruit enzymes. Granular scrubs are super for the body, not only shifting dead skin but also boosting circulation which in turn reduces cellulite, they can be a little harsh on the face though.

4. Prime
This is the step for no-makeup makeup! A little cheat if you will, is a glowing base to begin with, allowing any lighter coverage foundations or CC creams to lightly veil the face without completely masking your natural glow. While regular tan can cling to pores on the face, our new St. Moriz Advanced Pro Tan Boosting Facial Serum combines active skincare properties while developing into a made-to-measure gorgeous glow. Simply mix 3-4 drops together with your regular moisturiser and apply as normal. Wakeup with the most gorgeous radiant glow that’s buildable over time, creating the perfect beachy base for minimal summer makeup.

5. Protect
One of the most important skincare hacks that we’ve all heard time and time again (together with guzzling water!) is to apply SPF. This one really stands to your complexion over time and is especially important come this time of year. Sun damage is the last thing you want and our faces are definitely not a place to try and natural tan, leave that to the Pro Tan Boosting Facial Serum and keep pigmentation and sun damage safely at bay.
St. Moriz Advanced Pro Facial Serum is available from UK + Ireland stockists nationwide, priced £9.99.