January Tanning Tips

January Fake Tanning Tips Help

It’s cold. We feel you babe! Far too cold to be getting on your shortest mini dress anyway! But that’s not to say you should be covering up every single part of your body during the winter months. We’re still here to help you look and feel good on the outside as well as the inside and to make it super easy for you. We have some easy TANuary Tips to make fake tanning beat your January blues!!


Face drops 

Just because we may not want our body on show this January, doesn’t mean our face should lack the glow up too! Simply add 3-4 drops of our Self Tanning Serum to your everyday moisturiser, every other day during those cold winter months and just wait for the ‘Have you been away?’ comments to come rolling in!!


Hydration is key

Especially during those long winter months. It becomes a forgotten ritual which we know has so many benefits to our skin. We always recommend our Golden Glow Moisturiser during the colder months - it has a gradual build-up of colour, for the perfect sun-kissed glow, all whilst hydrating the hell out of your skin and it smells divine. Giving you that little bit of colour when you need it needed most. We cannot recommend enough how important it is to keep your skin hydrated – quench that thirsty skin dolls!


It doesn’t have to be a commitment

Our Ultra Finish Body Make Up is from our Advanced range and it’s a hidden fake tan GEM! Without the commitment of the everyday tan, this gives you to ability to look tanned for specific occasions, like those rips in your jeans, just bob a bit of this on any shown skin! Shun those imperfections and rock that January Sunday Dinner outfit to the local with a bit more spring in your step. This beauty washes away with no commitment of DHA whatsoever. So, once you’re done for the day wearing your glow – simply shower it away.

** Huge top tip with this beauty product is to add a small amount to your moisturiser and apply it to your face, giving you the coverage of a light foundation without the makeup expense. Faking that BB cream and saving those pennies. ERM HELL YES!

- Wrote by Tanning expert, Jordan Annabel