February Tanning Tips

February Fake Tan Tips

It's that time of year again. Where the tan is out, the prep is real and we have the smallest excuse in the world to look our absolute best!

However, this year we have a slight issue in the UK. We are still in lock down. So a trip out to your favourite restaurant probably won’t be what you’re doing this year. But fear not, there is no reason to not get that fake tan on and impress your loved ones.


Time To Glam up

Whether you’re having a kitchen date, front room date, bedroom date. Or hun, even a garage date. We won’t judge!! This is your time to glam up! If you aren’t wanting to commit to a long-lasting tan and just want to be tanned for the one night – we would absolutely recommend an instant tan from our range. Either the Ultra Finish Body Make Up – perfect for if any of those limbs are on show and you want that extra added coverage! Or our 1 Day Instant Tan, again one for those with commitment issues. It will have you tanned in seconds, minimal transfer and will make you glow into the next day until you wash it away!


Valentines or Galentines

If Tanning is your thing and you are prepped and ready for Valentines or Galentines day like no other (same hun) then any other fake tan from our ranges is yours for grabs.


- Wrote by Tanning Expert, Jordan Annabel